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Course : B.Ed., (Non Semester)
Duration - 1Year
The Course of study shall be non-semester for a duration of one academic year. Day order system with six working hours per day will be implemented. There will be 10 days for admission and another 10 days for examination exclusively. The 180 working days will include internship, teaching practice and school-community based activities. The course work will be 1080 hours.
Syllabus Synopsis
The program will consist of a theory component and a pacticum component.

The theory component will consist of

1. Core Courses
2. Elective Course; and
3. Subject-Oriented Methodology Courses

The Practicum component will consist of

* Internship and Practice - Teaching and Teaching Records
* School - Based and Community-Based Field Activities.

Theory Component (600 Marks)

Group A : Core Courses

All the following three core papers are compulsory ( 100 x 3 =300).

For each paper Internal Marks 20 and External Examination marks 80

* Education in the Emerging Indian Society
* Psychology of Learning and Human Development
* Educational Innovations and Curriculum Development
Group B: Elective Course
A student shall choose any ONE of the papers provided by his/her college from among the list of approved papers given below. (100 x 1 =100).
Internal Marks 20 and External Marks 80
* Computers in Education
* Health and Physical Education.
* Environmental Education.
* Guidance and Counseling.
Group C: School Subject – Oriented Methodology Courses. ( 100 x2 =200 ). For each paper Internal Marks 20 and External Examination Marks 80
Each student has to choose TWO subject-oriented methodology courses from the list of courses mentioned below.
Graduates and Post-Graduates who have chosen Tamil or English as their main subject of study can choose both the optionals from the same subject namely, Tamil or English as the case may be.
Optional – I Optional – II
Tamil –I Tamil – II
English – I English - II
Post-graduates in subjects other than English and Tamil will, however, choose both the optionals from the same subject in which they have acquired their under-graduate and post-graduate degree.
Optional – I Optional – II
History – I History – II
Commerce – I Commerce – II
Mathematics –I Mathematics –II
Economics - I Economics - II
Physical Science – I Physical Science – II
Biological Science – I Biological Science – II

All graduates shall choose English as optional – I. The second optional may be their respective major subject of study.
Optional – I Optional – II
English –I History – I
  Mathematics – I
  Physical Science – I
  Biological Science – I

A. Supervised Practice Teaching / Other assignments

The supervised practice teaching will have to be undertaken in a recognized high/ higher secondary/ matriculation/ matriculation higher secondary or senior secondary school. The duration of the supervised practice teaching / other assignments will be 40 (Forty) working days. This may be split into 10 working days for observation and 30 working days for internship supervised practice teaching.
For the purpose of teaching practice, each student shall work as an apprentice under a selected teacher in a recognized school and under the general supervision of the principal and teachers of the college concerned.
The candidate with Post-Graduate qualification shall have their practice teaching for their optional subjects preferably in the Higher- Secondary Classes.
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